Ombre & Balayage

The combination of Ombre (to transition from darkness to lightness) and Balayage (the sweeping technique of lightening the hair to give a soft and natural highlighted look). Usually, this look is more dimensional at the crown and melts down into more of an all over color towards the ends. Starting price for this service is $210.



Balayage means "to sweep" in French. This process involves painting the hair in a sweeping motion in order to create a natural and soft highlighted effect. This technique, though soft, usually maintains dimension throughout the hair and is great for first time color clients who want to try out a lighter look without the commitment of going drastically lighter. Starting price for a partial Balayage is $135 and starting price for a full Balayage is $170.


Baby Lights

Finely woven highlights to give the hair a naturally highlighted effect. Starting price for this service is $145



The transition of color from darkness to lightness. This technique involves a gradual blend of color in which the roots are darker, the mid shaft is a dimensional blend of dark and light, and the ends are mostly light with less dimension. Starting price for this service is $210.